Our trips – the 2018 programme -

journeys and prices per person, helmets to be carried on trips indicated with an *


Devon Coastline, UK *

6 May – 13 May

Day trips on the Devon Coast with rock hopping and play.

Ideal if you have paddled before but looking to learn new skills and explore close to the rocks and cliffs

Intermediate Level trip

We merged this trip with the Cornish one so this trip didn’t go as advertised in 2018. Next year we plan a Devon week too. Devon is different and rather special. 


Cornwall, UK *

28 April – 3 May

Introduction to waves and surf

Fixed base camping near Falmouth, 

Day paddling on the North and South coasts.

Intermediate to advanced trip.

£ 700

This trip was really great fun and we plan a similar one next Spring. Check the blog for some pictures and a few words.



BC 3 star training and assessment *

4 – 11 August
an unsupported journey on Sweden’s West Coast

Intermediate level trip including skills training and a 3 star assessment if required.

£ 600

St Anna skärgård

Family sea kayaking journey

17 – 19 August

Swedish East Coast.Small trips between islands. Also includes visiting the medieval festival in the town of Söderköping.

Beginner level trip.

£ 600 family of 4
(or £250/adult £100/child)

St Anna paddling

25 Aug – 28 Aug.

Unsupported one way journey amongst thousands of islands.

Suitable for all levels of paddling ability.

£ 400

Höga Kusten

10 Sept – 16 Sept.

Unsupported journey in this unique UNESCO world heritage site in northern Sweden.

Beginner to Intermediate trip.

£ 600


Scottish West Coast *

7 Oct – 14 Oct.

Cottage based trip in Sutherland, North of Ullapool. Day trips or short expeditions depending on prevailing weather

A trip for intermediate to advanced paddlers.

£ 750

In 2019 we are planning to extend our range and run a couple of trips in Norway, Helgelands Kusten and Lofoten.


– paddled very little or not at all. We’ll start at the very beginning.


– has paddled often and happy with small waves, wind up to F3


– Experience paddler, happy in bigger waves and wind to F5

Map of our Trips